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Default Re: Married Female looking for female/s to share a cruise

HI Lisa,

I would love to go on a cruise if we could get a couple more people possibly to cut the cost down. I'm actually starting my blocks this fall and the spring semester is going to be the worst out of all four semesters (excluding the last semester of student teaching YIKES!!).

My son goes to summer camp for Boy SCouts in June (around the 3rd week). Would that be OK with you? I will know for sure in June. I'll have to look but I don't think they have the dates for next year yet.

Where are you from? You can email me at my school address if you want to ask any personal questions.

I will look for more details and let you know. Can I email you or would you prefer me to write here for awhile?

Talk to you soon, Lisa.

Anyone else interested in a ladies trip to the Mediterranean?
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