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Lonely Man
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Default IMPORTANT: Female Compansionship for Cruising

To All the Women who question those that offer companionship for a free cruise:

I am lonely. I have been in the desert in the middle east for 8 months and its depressing. I am only 22 years old, and am older then most of my friends out here. I dont have a family, I didnt have time to start one. I havent even finished school yet, I have one more semester to go.

I get one break during this tour, and it lasts only a few days. Sometimes a cruise ship offers the best of both worlds - relaxation and all inclusive low expenses - the very two things that are needed.

The company of a female is very treasured after a long tour out in the sands, because it brings a comfortable, almost relaxing presence. Conversation brings a different perspective of life, and a smile brings a warmth that hasnt existed for months. I do not have to sleep with the woman to appreciate her company, I do everytime she smiles back, or we make funny face gestures across a room when we have both picked up on something intuitively. Thats the amazing bond between men and women, the likeness that can be shared along with the subtle differences that are admired. Forget the sex, its pathetic.. its a natural evolutionary need that our body is driven from at its most primitive and pressing need - evolution survives through re-creation.

Our brains, however, have developed past the point of evolutionary needs determining every action. We can understand a deeper meaning between the companionship of a man and a woman, and can appreciate the subtle joys each can bring to the others life.

There are a million stories like mine that tell of men taking a vacation on a cruise as a perferred method of relaxation, but also of being lonely, or of truly wishing they could share this time with another person.

Dont crticize these ladies for posting available times in their schedule to share a vacation with another person. One person has the monetary funds but lacks the available companionship of another, while a different person lacks the funds but is more then ready to share in the joy of meeting new people and sharing memorable moments in their lives.

The internet allows for this incredible unification of people, from all around the world.

Dont criticize people for finding eachother, thats the building block of our eternity, and hopefully will forver be the foundation of our future matrimonies.

-Lonely Man in the desert
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