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Default Re: Transatlantic cabin share, 12/27/05

I tried to send you an email on 6 /16/05 but it cam eback with "This account is over quota"

So could you respond to me directly at I am ready to book a transatlantic on the Lirica Ft Laud to Genoa on 5/3/06 (to 5/20) and I DESPERATELY need to talk to you about the ship - especially regarding just how bad the smoking situation is for a nonsmoker (me)?

If you would send me your phone number that would be especially helpful in getting your feedback.

You also said that you are interested in a Greek cruise. What I may very possibly do if I take the above cruise is then go down to Rome (after a quick look at Portofino on the way) and then take the Celebrity Galaxy on 5/22 to Venice via the Greek Isles.

But I need to make the plane reservations as soon as possible as they would be on a free ticket and space is always extremely limited.

As far as the prices you are talking about, they sound very good. I think the cruise you took was at a special introductory price.
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