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Default Re: Looking for Female to share cruise

It's me again.

After I went back and read my post, I felt it needed clarification. I am not looking for romance or some freaky sex ride, I just donít want to share a room with some guy I donít know. Itís like men and women are more apt to get along easier when they donít know each other than two men would. Maybe itís just me. I work with a bunch of guys everyday and sometimes we get a little macho around each other. Sad to say but itís true. If a man and a women donít get along, they just donít speak. Men on the other hand, well, we feel like there is something to prove and trouble starts. Therefore if I were to take a chance with another person whom I did not know to share a cabin, I would choose someone of the opposite sex.

Just wanted to clarify that.

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