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I had hoped that, sooner or later, I might have connected with a woman somewhere close to my own age who was willing to share a cruise cabin with a man, but it's starting to appear to be unlikely. Understandable, I suppose, because most women will presume that a man only wants to travel with her with an expectation of sex as part of the deal, whether that's what he's asking for or not. Seems so much easier for two straight women to hook up for a cruise than it is for men. I just can't bring myself to share a cabin with another man, regardless of sexual orientation. Maybe its the result of having been married so many years and, when that ended, I found that I really didn't know many other women and none I care to travel with even if they were interested. Yes, I could cruise as a single despite the greater expense but I'm not a great "mingler" and I visualize myself as being pretty much alone for a week, even with 2000 other people on board. I've seen many women on this board who complain that not enough men in their age groups want to go on cruises. Do they wonder why that is?
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