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Hi again Priscilla,

Looks like we live closer to each other than I would have expected. I'm in the Maryland suburbs of DC. I've been retired from federal service for about four years. I'm separated and expect to be legally divorced by early next year. Enough said about that on so public a forum. I've been on several cruises over the years, all on either Carnival or Celebrity, but never alone. I feel pretty much about shore excursions as you do. A little shopping and sightseeing unless there's a particularly inviting beach to go to. I'm a serious sunbather. Yes, I know it isn't good for my skin but I don't smoke, don't drink much and rarely gamble on board because I only like REAL poker and it generally isn't offered. I need at least one minor vice. Also,I still like to watch others play even when I don't so I do spend some time in the ship casino. Occasionally, I will sit down at a table for a little while. I don't play the slots at all. If you're still interested enough to want to discuss this further, I can provide you with more info, a photo and references from my kids (who aren't kids anymore).

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