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Although not specifically on that ship, I have taken cruises "flying solo" and have never regretted it. Most cruise passengers are very interesting people who enjoy making new friends and welcoming all comers to events and activities. If you show up for activities, you will make plenty of new friends. You probably also will find plenty of other "solo" travellers -- especially if you go to the "singles" gatherings -- which are for people who are travelling alone, even if they have an "attachment" back home.

When travelling alone, I usually do try to sign up for tours -- especially on my first visit to foreign ports. Not only are tours a great place to meet people, but you also have the safety of travelling with a group under the care of a knowledgeable guide who can assist you to navigate the possible pitfalls of cultural differences. I have also found that most tour guides do explain local customs that are different from our own, thus sparing us potential major embarassment.

Have a great cruise!

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