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Default Re: Any Singles cruises ?

Ken.........Most of Carnival cruises have the singles. There are some web sites you can check out under keyword or search "Single Cruises", There are a few of us singles going on the cruise to nowhere out of NYC June 20. It is a cruise to nowhere for 2 nights. But it is not a group. Carnival has alot of 4 and 5 day cruises out of NYC to Canada which I went on last year and there were a few. The first night they have a singles get to gether to meet other singles, now whether that is true for June 20 I do not know. You daughter will love the Triumph it is a new ship and they have teen programs on board. AAA has the best rates I found for this cruise but beware once you put a deposit on the cruise to nowhere there are no rate decreases and the deposit is non refundable. So if you need insurance that would be an option for you to take, but use a third party. Rates are affordable so check it out........Hope this helps, Debbie
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