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Default Re: Re: Australia cruise

Hi, Angela. I found what I think is a "deal" on the "" website. They were advertising an outside cabin for $999 (of course, air fare is extra). Now, when I called the agent started going over the singles supplement info (you know, the gazillion percent extra you pay for cruising alone). I'd offered to book in under "single share," in which I'd pay a certain price and the cruise line would try to get me a roomie; if they couldn't match me with anyone I get the cabin to myself for the quoted price. But that turned out to be more expensive than the offer they made me for a single cabin - $1920. Another issue with that cruise is it sails out of Auckland and ends in Sydney, which means (on your own) you must either pay for 2 one-way flights (very pricey) or I was going to catch a smaller flight from Sydney back to Auckland, at the end of the cruise, so I could do a round-trip fare out of Auckland. Doing that would cost me $1800+; Princess provided the air fare for around $1100 (into Auckland, out of Sydney). The flight time from LA to Auckland is around 11 hours, I think. From where would you be flying to LA? I also booked a night at the Regency in Sydney so I could see a little of the city prior to coming back home. My total price (cruise (single room), air fare, hotel) was around $3600, which I think is a pretty good deal for a 12-day trip and the flight down there. If you are at all interested in talking a little more, and perhaps deciding to room together to get a cheaper rate, I'd be open to that. Like I said I am 45 and single (not gay, in case that would be an issue) and a nonsmoker. Let me know if you have any more questions - Naomi
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