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Hi Naomi:

I am so torn here! This cruise sounds great -- very close to what I originally wanted to do. But then others sound great as well, a 14-day South America cruise (Celebrity) and then there's a late April 9-day transatlantic cruise (Princess). I'm really not a comfortable airplane passenger, so the transatlantic trip is appealing because there's a few less hours in the air, and one way of it at that. But I just returned from one of those, so I'm thinking I should expand my horizons. So torn -- I've got to think on this one for a little while. I appreciate the offer to consider being roomies to cut the expenses. That does help immensely deal with the vacation budget! I met up with someone on the transatlantic trip I just took and it seemed to work out. Would you mind if I contacted you directly through your e-mail? I keep losing track of these various message boards and have to do a search on each one to find my way back. Feel free to contact me directly as well -- I just put in my e-mail address.

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