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Default Re: Question for 2003 cruising


I'm ready to cruise pretty much anywhere if I can get a reasonable fare for single occupancy. Since I'm booked on a cruise to French Polynesia and Samoa aboard MV [i] Tahitian Princess [/i[ on 24 March, I guess that's my most immediate choice.

I really am not sure where I will cruise next, or on which line. I have been quite satisfied with Princess Cruises (the next cruise will be #13 over about five years), but the cruise that's booked will be my last cruise with Princess if the merger of the parent company, P&O Princess Cruises Plc. (LSE: POC) with Carnival Corporation (NYSE: CCL) gains sharehodler approval. As a former naval officer, I am less than impressed by what I have seen of the way that Carnival Corporation maintains its vessels (across all lines) and by the stream of operational disasters (fires, losses of propulsion at sea, etc.) that such shabby maintenance is likely to have caused. The fire aboard MV [i] Ecstacy [i/] that produced spectacular footage for television news a couple hears ago was far from an isolated incident. It was unique only in that it happened within sight of land where the television crew could record it. It's impossible to understate the severity of these incidents, which endanger both the vessel and all aboard.

If the shareholders of P&O Princess Cruises Plc. approve the proposed merger, I probably will try either Celebrity Cruises or Royal Caribbean International -- and I might try both before choosing one or the other. Both lines seem to have stellar reputations and I have been very impressed by what I have seen of their vessels, which always appear to be impeccably maintained. If the shareholders of P&O Princess Cruises Plc. reject the proposed merger, I probably will return to Princess Cruises in the future. Do not look for me aboard any vessel owned or operated by Carnival Corporation.

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