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Default Re: Re: Safety tips for solo travellers

Well said Pat. Life does go on.

Indeed, I do hope that I have provided at the very least, "food for thought". I feared that my post would convey: stay in your cabin and to shy away from making friends. On the contrary, I really hope that this helps us to have a better time time cruising because of the peace of mind that our personal safety brings.

I for one am a totally a fun loving, adventurerous, bordering on risk taking, person (and have probaly broken at least a few of my own 'rules'). However my professional experience coupled with my extensive international/domestic travel and overseas living experience have caused me to be informed, cautious and sensible about security issues. I STILL believe that cruising on a whole is VERY safe for solo female travellers who exercise reasonable caution.

Remember, victims of crime are not the best but the easiest target. Therefore, to protect ourselves, we need to make our homes, cars, bags, jewellry, rooms, cabins or persons the least attractive targets. The incidents of 'bad apples' on a cruise ship are lower than in the general population, but it is a fact of life's probability that a certain risk of 'bad apples' exists among ANY gathering of people. Better to be safe than sorry.

Happy sailing all.

PS: Pat, I admire your adventurous attitude. I am sure that it inspires many other solo travellers as it does me.
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