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Default Re: Re: Safety tips for solo travellers

Hi Margo:

Congratulations on 'taking up the gangway" on your own. Way to go!!!!! Other tips for a single girl? Not sure if you meant safety tips or not, but below is a listing for an old post I made re sailing solo, meeting people, things to do.

It comes from a threat titled "untimely single on a cruise" to which I responded. I hope that thread gives you some good ideas. In addition, I would say other ways to meet new people would be to book a shore excursion or two, go to the dance classes stag, browse the library, the shops on deck, and by all means, enjoy yourself!!!!

April 6th, my sister's birthdayand your sailing date, is right around the corner When you get back, let us know how it went.

Happy sailing...

PS: Don't forget to have your portrait taken at a few stations, even though you are on your own. You will meet people in line, at the photography store, and more importantly, a nice picture of you looking just estatic and happy will be a wonderful keepsake of your first solo cruise.
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