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Default Re: Carnival past guest

Michelle, everyone in my group on this year's cruise qualified as past guests because of Sensation. In addition, we were able to take the first timers among us to the party as our guests. The invitations to the party were accompanied with the ship's lapel pins.
I know it sounds cruise-nerdy, but Chris is talking about making some kind of ribbon accessory for the pins to wear at future past guest parties.

Go ahead and call them to change to your married name. It couldn't hurt.

Nina, if you don't know your past guest number, call the guest relations number, or booking phone number, and ask what your past guest number is. I think your name, ship name and past cruise date will be enough, but they might ask for your previous cabin number--I don't really remember. My sister was able to call and get the past guest numbers of every uncyberlized family member who were on Sensation, so she could do their preregistration for Inspiration.

P.S. I found their past guest number: 1-800-929-6400

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