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Default Re: Re: Over 30's singles non-Carnival cruise

Thanks for that info regarding HAL. I am giving serious consideration to going on the new ms Westdam from Harwich to Copenhagen via the Norwegian Fjords during the summer solstace (wow was THAT ever a mouthful, hehe). If I book as a single through HAL, I wonder what my odds are of getting my own room.

Would they match me only if they found a male who was around my age and a non-smoker?

I am a non-smoking, non-drinking, straight 51 year old divorced guy who has done some of the singles cruises, but this itinerary sounds awesome! I've been trying to convince a few friends to go, but it isn't cheap and they decline.

Another tricky point on this cruise... I would have to either take the airfare that HAL arranged, OR if I want to do my own air. The trick is that the cruise requires one to fly to London in order to get to Harwich, and the cruise ends in Copenhagen. So I suppose I could buy a round trip air ticket to London from the US for $700+, and also a round-trip from Copenhagen to London for about $250 as a one way ticket from Copenhagen to London costs almost $500! So I wonder if there is any danger buying the CPH - LON and LON-CPH but simply never use the 2nd half of that ticket. Are there any airline rules that don't allow this sort of purchase? Anyone know?

Anyway, thanks again, maybe I'll find a good cruise-mate or take a chance on their Single program.
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