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Default Re: Over 30's singles non-Carnival cruise

hello jodi,
can i put my 2 cents worth in? i am a single lady a few years older than you. i just went on the royal cruise line from march 6-11 and it was wonderful,but i have no other to compair it to for it was my first, the lady i went with has been on 3 ships, the other 2 were carnival. she said that they all were great. as far as being a partier that is your choice. on ever ship they have many activities that a person can chose from.we went on the splendour of the seas. they have a live band every evening, 2 swimming pools, a theater that puts on live shows, a movie theatre, kariokie, and also a casino. jodi tese are just a few of the activities that you can choose from. no cruise has to be a partying cruise. as far as meeting folks we had at least 1800 passengers to meet and we also met many of the staff.oh! and buy the way if you are one that cant stay away from the computer they also has a place for that too, but you have to pay dearly for the use. i never tried it but someone told me the computers are slow coming up and pay so much a minute to use them. well that is my 2 cents worth jodi, hope you dont mind me commenting.
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