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Default Re: Over 30's singles non-Carnival cruise

This thread is a lot of fun to read. I have done a number of cruises with singles groups, most were a lot of fun! I have gone for 3 Halloween cruises in a row, though this year I made a vow to break the trend. These were all on Carnival, twice on the formerly non-smoking Paradise and once on the Triumph. Although I did notice little things being taken away each year (cheap-o cost cutting if you have been around to a lot of these), as a non-drinker I was always able to get punch or lemonade almost around the clock, as well as pizza! And the pizza was yummy, a surprise since one would think it would be bad when at sea. And we could always have frozen yogurt or ice cream, though it was only chocolate and vanilla. Until 2002, you could also put lots of yummy things including chocolate syrup over this, but Carnival cut that out last year, sad to say, hehe.

The singles groups were a lot of fun, going together with others on excursions were a terrific way to meet others. This particular singles group sometimes had an imbalance of too many males, it seemed this would happen if the cruise was "cheaper" in price.

So I went with a friend for a quick 3 night cruise to Ensenada Mexico a few months ago, this was on the Royal Caribbean Monarch of the Seas. The ship was beautiful! Much bigger than the Carnival Ecstasy which stood in the same harbor in Ensenada. But.... it is funny how my expectations for RCL came up short. Dinner entrees were more limited than any Carni cruise, but the baked Alaska was the best I've ever had. Get this... pizza was offered from 2pm to 7 pm and from 9pm to 1am or close to those hours. Hmm, and no way you could get anything to drink other than purchased soft drinks or booze. Or water (yuk). Hmm. No yogurt or ice cream at all, unless you want to buy Ben & Jerry's which WAS available until late at night for regular retail prices. It all just seemed stingy to me. So in an odd way, Carnival actually looked better from a few points of view! And Carni was a lot of fun, not the crazy wild drunkeness some people always seem to mention.

As for singles, this was mostly couples, not very many singles. In fact it was odd going to dinner as my friend I went with is female, we are not a couple, and eating at dinner the waiters as well other couples at the table thought we were a couple and all kept forgetting that. One night she would not go to dinner as she met someone. At dinner everyone kept asking "what happened to your wife?" , very funny.

So singles, you CAN have a fun time on non-group cruises if you are adventurous and like to do things, go on excursions, etc, even if you go alone. But I recommend trying to find a singles group, there are lots of them and some are WAY better than others. (I'll tell you who I went through if anyone would like to know).

But don't be afraid, get out there and enjoy your life! Nobody is going to bite you
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