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Default Re: Over 30's singles non-Carnival cruise

Hi Jodi
My name is Pattie.....I've also been new to the 'singles scene' again......a bit longer.....little over 3 years, but still can't quite get used to it. I'm also not into the drinking 24/7 thing and when I read your post I wanted to tell you about a cruise I saw on the Travel Channel. This week is Cruise if you get a
anyway........there is this cruise called Windjammer Barefoot Cruise. It was strictly for singles and the people they showed looked older than in their 20's. It's also only 100 people.......50/50 ratio on the SV Polynesia. could get involved with helping the crew with hoisting the sails and such. It seemed like something I would want to check out and that is what brought me to this message board and

I'm in Southeastern kids. Pretty fit, and have lots of energy. Self-employed and flexible to be able to travel. Just have to make sure my finances are in order before planning a trip.
Oh.......I'm straight! haha! But love to meet new people....male and female alike. I don't have many single girlfriends that could go on cruises like this and I thought it sounded like fun. You're welcome to email me .......'d love to hear from you............what are you looking for cruise-wise?........have you ever been cruising?........where are you from?....
Hope to hear from you
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