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Default Re: Over 30's singles non-Carnival cruise

Hi All!
Iím a 37-yar-old single woman from South Florida. Iíve been on 4 Carnival, 1 Royal Caribbean and 1 NCL cruise over the last few years. When I sailed with Carnival I was either traveling alone or with a single friend. Iím not a big drinker or major partier. All experiences have been good. I had an especially enjoyable trip on the Legendís inaugural Caribbean voyage from Ft. Lauderdale in 2002. I traveled alone on that one. I was seated at a table with 5 other single passengers Ė this was a big plus. I think Carnival has improved in that respect. I was surprised at how many repeat passengers there were on that cruise and there were many older passengers as well Ė quite the contrary to Carnivalís reputation. My last Carnival cruise was on the Ďsmoke freeí Paradise. Although Iím not a smoker, it really doesnít bother me to be around smoke. I only selected that ship because of itinerary and price. I found that the non-smokers were also less likely to be big drinkers and gamblers (the casino was pretty empty in the evening compared to all of the other cruises Iíve been on). Again, Carnival did a good job with the seating arrangements - my travel companion and I were at a table with 6 other singles.
So Jodi, donít be so quick to count Carnival out.

Now that I have read all of the posts here (excellent info, by the way!) I have a couple of questions. After stumbling upon Patís Singles Cruise Calendar, Iíve found a singles cruise that Iím quite interested in. It is the Hawaiian cruise on NCLís Pride of Aloha 12/5-12/12 through TSW Singles Vacations ( Has anyone here traveled with TSW Singles Vacations in the past? Any feedback about them would be appreciated. Also, this will be my first time using roommate matching. Can anyone share there experiences with that? Lastly, does anyone have anything to share about pros and cons of a Hawaiian cruise for singles?
Thanks everyone for the great posts Iíve read so far!
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