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Default windjammers barefoot cruise

Has anyone personally ever been on the Windjammers SV Polynesia's Barefoot Cruise?
I'm looking for any and all information about this specific cruise.
What is the best time to sail since it is a smaller vessel?
Are there places on these smaller ships to relax and sunbathe?
What is the dining area like? Is there a dining area?
What are the cabins like? I have read that there are 6 bunks in each cabin, which is fine, (I think) but I'm curious to hear if anyone has had a personal experience with this as I've been reading all the posts fromother larger cruise lines and some speak of having their own balconies. I'm certain this ship does not have that.

Please.......any information is greatly appreciated......I'm looking into this one in particular as I'm not sure I'd be into the larger crowds and having to be dining with all couples. I found one post to be humorous concerning traveling with a companion who met someone and he was being asked....'where's your wife'.....and in fact, that was not the case. I'd rather not be on a cruise where you have to keep explaining why you are single.

Thanks for any replies
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