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Default Re: windjammers barefoot cruise

Hi Pattie:

I got 4 hours sleep last night so I should be good for another week. <G>

You must of sent this before I emailed you with the Jammerbabe site. Believe me, you will find the anwers to your questions but since you asked:

1) Yes. 5 cruises on the Poly (Polynesia) of which one was a singles. 1 cruise on the Mandy (Mandalay) and one on the Legacy. This year it will be 3 on the Poly, of which one will be a singles and one on the Clipper, (Yankee Clipper).

2) "any and all" I think I would get banned for taking up to much bandwidth answering. <G> In a nutshell, The Poly does a pretty good job holding the 1/1 ratio of guys and gals. Boarding is on Sunday at 5:00 P;M (for stowaway night) (which is optional). They usually have a band Sunday night. There are excursions Monday morning and than you set sail. You visit different islands each day. The ship usually comes back very early Saturday morning and you have to be off the ship by 1:00 or so depending on the captain. Usually one of the days will be a beach day where you just hang out at a beach and get sunburned. <G>

3) The ship doesn't actually sail. It's more like motorized sailing. They have the sails up but the motor is also on. The only ships that actually sail are the Mandy and the Clipper and for both of them it is only for a couple hours or so. The only time that I've been "sailing" was on the Mandy and that was for an hour. Yes it is nice, but the ship would never get anywhere without the engines.

4) Yes there is room to sunbathe. There are benches that you can lay out or you can do lay out on the deck. They do have rubber mats that are pretty comfy that you'll need. You can also go on top of the chart house which is a pretty good place. My favorite place is on the widows nest to lay out. It's the net in front of the ship. On the Poly you can lay out there when the ship is at anchor. You do need the captain's permission to go out there and there is usually a crew member nearby. On beach days or swim calls, with permission, you can jump off of it. I've never been told no and I usually try to go out at least once a day. Since the crews cabins are near there, the captain usually only lets you out there to 5 or so.

5) Cabins. Well, how can I put it. On the Poly I've only stayed in the BQ which are the 4 (not 6) cabins. The Poly renovated and took two beds out. I sleep on deck with a hammock so to me a cabin is not a big deal. You are only in the cabin for a little while anyway. The bathrooms are real small. The cabins that I went in where in a bunk bed configuration (that sleep two) with the lower bed a little larger than the top. As for storage, I've never had a problem. I usually take a backpack and store it under the bunk. I do know that some cabins maybe a little tight on storage from what I've read but ... No balconies.

6) The dining area on the Poly is on the aft (back) end of the ship. Depending on the number of pax, there will be one or two seating. Count on two for the singles. It's not assigned seating so you can sit anywhere. I believe the seating arrangements are 8 booths (4 on each side with a center station for food/dishes ect) that can seat 8 and in the very back 12 seats in a horseshoe arrangements. I'm a litte fuzzy on the exact number of booths but it will give you an idea.

Someone described WJ as adult camping at sea. I would tend to agree with it. WJ is not for everyone. The people that love it, really love it, the people that hate it, wil not set foot on another one. As you can tell, I'm in the former group so I guess my views are biased but .....

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