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Default Windjammer - 1st Timer/Sgs. or Regular?

Interested in Hondo answering these questions since he sounds like an experienced Windjammer, but welcome all feedback from anyone who knows!

I'm torn between theses Singles Cruises: either on the Yankee Clipper in August to St. Vincent & the Grenadines OR on the Poly in October to St. Lucia/Windward OR in December (Repositioning Sgls. cruise) to St. Lucia/St. Maarten/a bit of Windward & Leeward. I like the idea of the Clipper having less passengers.

VERSUS a Regular cruise on the Poly to either St. Lucia/Windwards or St. Maarten/Leewards OR the Mandy to Panama/San Blas.

I'm 43, SWF, very active in the outdoors and enjoy a cocktail or two, BUT am worried about the Singles cruise being too much of a Hedonistic frat party VERSUS finding myself on a regular population cruise listening to folks talk about their kids & retirement plans! Never been on any cruise before...What do you recommend?!

I like to do all water sports, bike, hike, and just hang & read a book in the sun. Love your idea about the hammock up on deck!

Are the St. Vincent/Grenadine itinerary too remote? Will there be enuf island activities that I enjoy per above? I'm leaning toward this Singles cruise that leaves Grenada on Aug. 9th since there's a woman who wants to share one of the higher end cabins which I prefer.

Again, all comments welcome & appreciated. If someone wants to chat via the antiquated telephone, I'd be up for that to do some more Q&A. Thanks for your time!!

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