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Hi Joe:

Thank you for your response. I was hoping that more people would reply but...

I concur with most of what you said. You stated some points that I didn't think to mention, actually never thought anything about them, since I was used to Jammin, but I thought I would try to add to them.

Jammin is not for everyone. The above points along with posts on other boards clearly show that. I believe you need some level of tolerance (comfort level). (Not sure if that is the right word or not). Adult camping at sea is what other people have called it and I agree.

The Yankee Clipper holds about 64ish pax compared to the Poly 128ish pax. The Poly is bigger but she still can rock and roll and roll and roll. I actually like the rolling and rocking. One night it was so rough you could hardly walk on the top deck. Since the ports are so close together in the Grenadines the Clipper does have more opportunity to sail. This is what I first thought the Windjammer was and I was a little disappointed to learn that the Poly was actually motorized sailing. With the Yankee Clipper you will probably have a opportunity for pure sailing. I can provide a website with pictures of the Clipper under sail but I'm not sure if I'm able to post on this board or not. I've booked a month in October and the first week is on the Clipper and I can't wait.
If your concerned there are a variety of options for sea sickness but ....

Stowaway is the optional night before the "official" start of the cruise. If the cruise starts Monday than stowaway is Sunday night. You board the ship usually at 5:00 P.M. You are usually allowed to drop off luggage at the ship but not board until 5 or so. There is usually a band or some kind of entertainment that night. I believe the current stowaway charge is $55.00. I always recommend that you fly in the day before stowaway (Friday). You never know in the Carribean plus the flights are limited. Many of trips have started at 4 in the morning and ending around 10 P.M. or so. I usually also recommend staying the night after the cruise (Saturday) to wind down but it depends. Most of the stowaways that I have been on have been when the ship is tied to the pier. I really never gave that a second thought. A couple of the bands that we had during the week were along pierside also.

The showers are unique. Totally agree with the above. As one captain said, you can do all three things at once and not have to move, or something like that. I'm a pretty early riser since I usually sleep on deck so I'm usually the first one in and out. There have been times(O.K. Alot) when the water could be a little warmer. Nothing like the 30 second showers. <G>

As for clothes, well, I would fit in the veteran spot. I do bring two bathing suites though. <G> Depending on what islands you are going to, you may want to bring something that you could go to a nice place in . For example. St. Barts or St. Martin. I usually get dressed up on the flight a little but for the rest of the week, shorts and t-shirts and yes, no shoes.

Excursions. I'm not a 100% sure on how the Yankee Clipper handles this but if is is like the other three ships than the excursions sign up are on a clipboard with a little blurb on what it entails and the price. It will also give you the time that you need to be up on deck. The sheet will just be a simple sign your name and cabin number. Some excursions go quick. Very quick. The AM (activities Mate) is the person that handles the excursions. I generally try to sign up for them as soon as you can.

Drinks. Many a dubloon have been lost. That dang shower. <G> A dubloon is a small round piece a paper (about 3/4 size of a CD) with 20 (I believe) dots on the edge. They are $10.00 a piece so I believe 20 is correct. They are flimsy and fall apart when wet. I have learned to take a baggie and put them in it. Also at the end of the cruise I have a big sign "WILL BEG FOR DUBLOONS". You never know. You go to the bar and the bartender will punch out the dots. For example if a beer was 5 than 5 dots would be torn or punched out. You can either pay for the dubloons at the bar or put it on your "TAB". I have learned to pay for them with cash.

On deck. Concur, kind of. There are no chairs but you can improvise. I usually get a mat or two and put it on a bench and lay out on deck. I'm not sure the layout of the Yankee Clipper is but I agree that the benches are uncomfortable without a mat. I really don't need a lot of activity so, on this point, I don't agree with Joe. Sailing with the sails fluttering, the sky and the ocean is very soothing. I have been also to have people that I feel comfortable to talk to since I'm usually not the talking type. The crew are also great to talk to.The captain, the officers and really the whole crew are approachable.

I hope this has helped. It is what you make of it.

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