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Default Re: Single cruising as in truly single

Kathy.. your thinking is so in line with mine...

I also figured this ... I sleep alone.. I have gone to a casino alone.. I have gone to restaurants alone... and have always been able to strike up conversations with why would I not be able to do same on a cruise...

Also for the price... how can I beat it.. I am coming from ny going to Port Canceral ... cost is less than $2k for me.. I took a balcony room also..

So my math.... if I was not to go on a cruise.. but go somewhere...
$300 for aifare.
$350 for food (figured 7 night $50 a day , honeslty I think that is a low number)
$980 for hotel stay (figured $140 a night.. again I think this number is a low number )

So to go anywhere would probably cost me at least $1630.... and no worries on a cruise...

BTW... there is a song titled "what WAS I thinking" it is pretty funny...
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