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Default Re: Single cruising as in truly single

I've done the single thing solo and with single's groups, and I just wasn't all that impressed with the solo thing. You're really at the mercy of plain old luck. You can see if the maitre d' can help you, which is really hit and miss, and you can look for people standing alone in the dining room, bars, on deck, in lines or anywhere else, but you still don't know if they're really single. And all that time spent on looking for Mr/Miss Right, could have been spent enjoying the cruise if you let someone else, like a single's group, do most of the footwork. If you're like me, I know what the turnoff is in the group experience; too many people just looking for a one night stand. You can improve your chances of avoiding that mess by following a few simple suggestions. Avoid really low cost cruises which tend to attract everyone in the world who wants to party. Avoid special occasion cruises like spring break, Halloween, Mardi Gras, New Years, etc as they also attract everyone in the world who wants to party. Intimate size groups are generally less invasive than groups in the hundreds. It all depends on whether you want to enjoy nature and personal interaction or Carlos n' Charlies. Then again, you could just go solo and do the footwork and hope for the best. In any case, good luck.
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