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Default Re: Re: Looking for Cabinmate, Aug. 30

Hi Vicky,

I'm definitely interested in going on a cruise with you. I have not booked the Princess Cruise leaving on August 30. I was interested in it because it was not longer than 5 nights. I don't have a lot of vacation left this year, and it was at a perfect time for me. The price was right ,and I would like to go to Belize.

I have no problem going on a shorter trip during that same time as long as I'm back by Thursday (possibly Friday if there is an unbelievable deal that's mutually beneficial for us). I'm also flexible where I go. I've been to Cozumel, Bahamas, Grand Cayman (which I would go back) and Cancun. I don't mind visiting the same islands; I just need to get away. (Where we go is of the least importance)

Do you have some cruises in mind? I would like to cruise the week of August 30th, and could leave as early as Saturday and would like to be back by Thursday or Friday-latest.

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