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Default Re: Single cruising as in truly single

I'm a single woman - 37 years old. I cruised single (solo) for the first time on the Carnival Legend on it's maiden Caribbean voyage out of Ft. Lauderdale in Nov. 2002. I had cruised with a friend on Carnival previously, so I knew I'd enjoy myself regardless of the single population on board.

I got a terrific rate about 2 weeks prior to the sailing date through Actually Carnival was having a sale and there was no singles supplement! I doubt that I'll lever get such a great deal again - less than $400 for an 8 day cruise!!! What good luck!

I ended up in a wonderful outside cabin - all to myself (even though it was an obstructed view, it was an upgrade to a higher deck and outside)! That was the next lucky thing on the cruise.

I was seated for the late seating with a table of singles, all traveling alone. It was a table for 6 with 3 men and 3 women - we ranged in age from about 35 to about 65! I have to say that the dinners were one of the highlights of the trip. 2 of the guys were big gamblers, so the casino kept sending over bottles of wine for them each night. I don't know if it was the wine they shared or what, but we all got along very well and laughed and talked together, then went as a group to the shows afterwards. That singles table was another lucky thing about the cruise. On my previous cruises, I traveled with a single girlfriend and never got such a good singles seating arrangement.

I sailed again with my friend on the Carnival Paradise this past October. Again I was seated at a table with all singles. This time it was a table for 8 with 2 men and 6 women. The group wasn't quite as fun as the people from the Legend, but we enjoyed each other's company each evening.

I just got back on Sunday from a cruise to Bermuda on NCL's Norwegian Crown. Sadly I met no singles - no one even showed up at the singles party. This time I was traveling with my parents - so it was a pretty mellow, low-key trip for me. Also, NCL's freestyle dining program is not really conducive to getting to know a group of tablemates, since you're never at the same table twice during the cruise. I have to highly recommend Bermuda though!!! What a beautiful island!

I'll be back with NCL in December on the Pride of Aloha. I booked that cruise through - found it on Pat's singles cruise calendar. There will be a singles group on that cruise, so my fingers are crossed that the group will be fun and that whoever I get matched up with to share a cabin with will be tolerable. I can't wait to see Hawaii though!

I don't see why you can't call Carnival to inquire about the possible single seating arrangements. Pat is right about asking the Maitre D' as well. Also, every cruise I've been on (8 all together) has had at least one activity for singles at the beginning of the voyage. I recommend that you go and hang around long enough to see the other single arrive. Some of the Carnival singles activities have been pretty fun.

Have fun on the Glory!
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