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Default Re: vacations to go now doing singles cruises

That's great to have more choices for singles to get together on cruises. I looked at the first 4 cruises designated for single's group travel and it seems their shared-cabin prices are in line with the competition when you include the port charges that are included elsewhere. However, according to my calculations, their cabin-to-yourself price seems to be $200 higher than some of the current single's cruise agencies. I prefer a cabin to myself and unless they offer a desired cruise that I can't get at one of those agencies, that higher cabin-to-myself price needs to be more competitive. I already have several cruises booked at these other agencies and I'm paying $1050 on Princess and $960 on Carnival for a cabin to myself, so you can see what I'm talking about if I don't want a roommate. Not that I have anything against having a roommate, but I'd prefer my roommate to be someone I'm attracted to and of the female gender. No exceptions on that one!
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