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Default Re: Single cruising as in truly single

I have cruised on several different lines, and I prefer Princess. Despite the fact that I think they are not very good at putting singles together, and I despite the fact that I am very shy, I still have always found other solo travelers. What worked for me was reading the roll call boards on cruisemates (and, dare I mention it -, prior to going on the cruise - if there is none for the trip you are planning, start one. You'll see many of the folks are couples, but you can always put a note out there for others traveling solo or as friends. I was able to book an independent tour in Florence with two solo passengers going on the same ship prior to even leaving home. I had dinner with them a few times as well. I also went to the singles meeting the first or second night - sometimes, only one or two people show up, but still a good way to connect. Also, you can introduce yourself to the cruise director or one of his/her assistants who are less busy - they are always running around on the ship and are very friendly. Ask them to connect you to other solo travelers they meet (have a card with your name/and room extension handy). I have a hard time going to the disco - it's just not my thing - but I have met other single passengers in the Jacuzzis. The dinner seating ideas I have read here also sound good. I'll keep that one in mind for my next trip.
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