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Hi Mary:

I thought that I was going to lay low, try not to spend to much. WWWEEELLLL, that Aint the case. <G>

I'll be taking a three day kayaking trip from Seattle before the trip. The excursions I will be signing up for are kayaking and a dog sled.

I'm debating if I'm going to stay in Whittier and do the Glacier Tour or do the Glacier Tour the day we get off than take the train to Anchorage. I'm leaning towards the same day.

I'm trying to come up with things to do in Anchorage. I sure wish the board will be up so I can see what people will be doing after. I don't want to commit to much after but...

I'm just about finalized. Trip and airfare are knocked out. I just have to wait on some excursions and make a decision on hostels than it's a go.

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