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Default Re: Re: Alaska Cruise June 15

Hi Mary:

I'm just about finalized. Finally. <G>

The only thing I need to do is pay off the kayak trip before and debate on the trip insurance. I may take the cruise insurance but I don't know if it will cover before and after. I need to ask some more questions.

It looks like I'll be flying in the Thursday before and flying out the Monday after. This was suppose to be a nice easy vacation without hardly anything planned and it now looks like Tokyo aftere Godzilla had a nice Sunday stroll.

We're almost at the 90 day mark. Only 50 minutes or so to go. I'm going to ask next Monday when the site is going to be up. It would be nice to see what other plans people have now that I've already booked everything. <GGGGRRRR>

I don't have the faintest when formal nights will be. You may want to call Carnival or Singles Cruise and ask them. I have a copy of the Capers from last year Spirit and I'll look to see when they were but I don't know if it will be the same this year.

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