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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Alaska Cruise June 15

Hi Mary:

The second and second to last night. Vell, I know where I will be. Err. Not Be. <G>

I have a relative in Fairbanks that I should look up one year. Maybe next year. I also have a friend that lived in Anchorage for 20 years or so and have offered for their friend to show me around.

They said in about a week or so for the site to be up. I think I heard that about 2 months ago. Oh vell. Patience, patience.

I'm still debating over the trip insurance. The one that is offered by the cruise only covers the cruise and the airline. It does not cover anything before or after the trip. I'm looking into an outside vendor but I'm debating on which one or what plan. I'm probably going to go with it since it isn't that bad and next year it will be interesting.

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