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Default Re: Re: July 4th or Halloween anyone?

Thanks for the reply, Jen. I know the Halloween cruise is more popular - REALLY trying to convince my friends to do this one, but we all need to get five days off for it and none of us has a ton of vacation time (though I may be in grad school at that point, in which case it may not matter for me). How has the weather been for the Halloween cruises you've been on? It's kind of the tail end of hurricane season - have you ever experienced any bad weather? Just curious! I very badly want to go on this Halloween cruise...I'd prefer to go with at least one friend, but I would consider traveling on my own. Have you ever cruised by yourself before? Did you manage to meet a lot of people doing so? Sorry for all of the questions! Just trying to get a feel for what might be the better option for us. Thanks again for your advice! -April
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