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Hi Mary:

It sounded like fun trying to dodge the boss. I don't think that would be a problem for me. I'm about the only person in the office that is a traveler instead of a tourist.

is anyone on your site going on the cruise? Or, are they just trying to get information? I know of one other person on another "Cruise" site that is going on this cruise. Hopefully, one day, other people will start to show. It's almost final payment time so there has to be other people.

I thought there was going to be a get together in Vancouver somewhere? I'm sure the cruise site will have one, once it is up, that is. <G> Who knows?

I'm probably going to sign up for one more excursion and that should do it. Hopefully by the end of April it wll be a wrap and I can start to plan for next year in Alaska. If I like the kayaking like I think I am, I'll probably do that again if I can squeeze it in. Next year is going to be really really tight on day. I can only take about a month off and I'm gong to need every minute of it.

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