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Chris in Tampa
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Default Re: Re: FL cruisemate wanted

I just got back yesterday from my first singles cruise, on Carnival Legend to the Southern Caribbean for 8 days. I went through - they have many singles cruise options to choose from. My experience was fantastic- our group had about 40 people and the age range was mostly in the 30-50 range, with a few outside that range. Most of us had never met but we had a BLAST! We bonded quickly and had so much fun the whole week.

Since you have apprehensions, I would recommend that you NOT room with a male - that will eliminate one of your concerns. Ann (at CFL) will find a female cabinmate for you on the cruise you select. I know several of the ladies in our group were paired and I did not hear of any problems - most seemed to like their arrangements.

I had originally planned to share a cabin, but because I booked late, did not find anyone, and ended up in my cabin by myself. I did pay a little more, but also my rate came down at the last minute before I booked so it wasn't too much of an increase for me over a shared cabin. I found that the convenience of NOT having a roommate was well worth the extra money I paid and will probably do that in the future as well.

For what it's worth - I am a swm, 40, in the Tampa area. I am hoping to go on another cruise this summer - June would work out well for me. Feel free to contact me at if you have questions or would like to chat further about my recent cruise experience or the possibilities for this summer.

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