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Default Re: Adult Cruise Activity


It's funny that I saw this thread. A friend that I lost contact with E-mailed me recently. We used to trade stories that we heard about various cruise(s) from various sources. Let's just say it was _____(fill in the blank).

Since I have friends on the Poly, I went and visited them the day that the swinger cruise ended. Later that day, I met a bunch of them at the hotel I was staying at and I asked them how the week was, not knowing what the cruise was. They were kind of evasive andI thought that was pretty unusual for Jammers. Usually Jammers are pretty outgoing. I know now why the anwers were a little evasive. <G>

The cruise was a charter with Windjammer by a T.A. I have no idea what agency it was. There are also nude cruises, gay cruises, nude gay cruises that charter out the ships. I have met people who have gone on the nude cruise. They gave us the Windjammer salute as we sailed by them.

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