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Default Re: formal night dress

tina wrote:
> Hi,
> We are going on the Imagination 8/3 and i was
> people really get THAT dressed up for the "formal dinner"?
> I do not want to be the only one not in a ball gown or my
> boyfriend the only one not in a suit.

I have been somewhat surprised on my Carnival cruise just how great a % do dress up. Perhaps more so than other cruise lines I've sailed where I expected people to be dressed to the nines.
U wouldn't be the only ones not dressed, buy I'd bet u'd be in the minority. BUT, u don't need to be in a ball gown. Dress runs the gamut from glitzy gowns to nice cocktail dresses. Nothing at all wrong with the latter. I would recommend a suit for the boyfriend, but failing that, at least a sports coat and tie.

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