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Default Re: Age Demographics for Singles Cruises

Ive been on three singles cruises with and they have message boards before the cruise and most people put their ages As a member of the Idle lower middle class.....(retired) I did some descriptive statistics on age etc from the member message boards. All three cruises the "mean" or average age as well as the median age was 44 to 46 with very vew above 55 and then a little spike outside the normal curve on the 25 to 35 age group. (relatively more 25 to 35 than 50 to 60 year olds.) On larger singles cruises........those cruises were about 150 then 300 then 600, there were plenty of different age groups to hang out with. (of course on member lists i know some people who have been 29 for several years and also some who have been 39 for several years) None of that is scientific in any way and only based on self report information but I never could get a straight answer from booking companies. My impression is that Carnival draws some of the youngest demographics.........well and princess cruises. Some of the 20s people.......grad students etc like to hang out with some older people and then the mid life crisis recent divorce people see themselves as "younger" and like to hang out with younger people. Something for everyone at least on the bigger singles cruises. John from NM usa

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