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aimster, OK I am puting on my journalism unbiased hat now. is described by many as above......"blast" is probably the most commonly used word. The cruises generally have large groups of singles for the Caribean ones and mexican Riviera ones.....200 + and smaller groups on the departing from NYC and Alaska and European ones. Never ventured to the the Tahiti one, unless I somehow get a payraise. Many of the cruisers are repeat cruisers on these things, and many know one another so it can seem like going into a large high school cafeteria at a new school. "where do I fit in?" This particularly happens on the more popular ones like Halloween and I suppose now the "mexican riviera". They generally do a good job in my experience, with kind of knowledgeable cruise directors, organized singles only cocktail parties, silly games that are way fun even if they are silly, open seating in the dining rooms in a reserved area for singles cruisers only (on Carnival anyway), a wine tasting event where cruisers bring local vintages or favorites and circulate among host cabins, dance lessons with the Carnival entertainment staff for the group. Sometimes the shore excursions are organized where most of the people booking with them are on the excursions which is nice too.....less squalling kids etc. Also there are message boards created by the management to kind of get to know people before the cruise and remenisce and share photos after the cruise plus dinners, get togethers etc in the embarcation ports. Generally I think they are a good thing to try.

Some disadvantages noted by me and others are a kind of clique atmosphere, which really isnt true because 200 plus people are not ALL in a clique, a lot of people are more party focused than destination focused, the affordalble itineraries are limited, no last minute "deals" because they usually have a waiting list, the "freeforall" dining situation, the gamester predators trying to take advantage of people in various stages of grief over loss of a significant relationship etc.

Supposedly the company is expanding itineraries and getting another cruiseline or so for 2006 to book on, but still waiting on that announcement, but I would book one of those if its going anywhere I haven't been five or ten times and can afford it. John from NM

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