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Default Re: Why are there more single women on cruises?

Well that's an interesting take on it. I've been on about 10 single's cruises and I've yet to meet a man who brought a woman with him. I've met guys who came with other friends, but they were always guys and I've met women who came with other friends, but they were always women. I have met groups of people made up of men and women, but none of them seemed to be attacted to one another. But what the hell do I know. I've only been cruising with single's groups for about 5 years. Of course before that, when I was married, I cruised for about 10 years with my wife and we always seemed to wind up with more women than men at out table and they always told us the same story. All their male friends had better things to do than waste time and money cruising. I think the fact that you discarded every one of my suggestions as irrelevant pretty well speaks for itself. I think it's been documented that women outlive men as a rule and therefore, it's safe to assume the ratio of men to women on cruises would be the same as in the general population. But believe whatever you want.
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