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Default Re: Why are there more single women on cruises?

i have been watching this thread just chomping at the bit to throw in my 2 cents worth!...
i think its nothing more than a matter of taste..more men like baseball than women..but still lotsa women like baseball..more women like dancing than men...but a lot of men still like to dance..inevitably no 2 things are equal and there may be no reason other than chance that one sex prefers cruising over the other..but in this case i think its just that more women on the whole prefer a relaxed worry free vacation than are more likely to prefer a vacation that involves challenging physical activities..

to the guy who said its due to women outliving men...i dont think that would be a factor until you compared the populations at the typical age of death..yes there are substantially more women at 75 than men..but is the same true at 40?..and i think the typical cruising age is not up there in the 75s

anyway..i love to dance and i have never been on a cruise by myself so if this thread is true..i cant wait to meet some gals on my trip in october!

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