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Sir Duke
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Default Re: Why are there more single women on cruises?

Salutations Once again Cruisemates

Will you be joining us on hOUR next Most Excellent Ad-Venture???
There were many more beautiful women than men on hOUR Cruise
May 8th on the Valor
A case in point...More for the guys who are ( to dance with....)

Merriment,carefree activities and frolicing are fuzzy words ( including me) to most men,
yet are energetic and dynamic quality words to the ladies......
Please don't get the wrong opinion the chromosomes of our cells have not duplicated themselves enough yet....hehehehehe

Luvs to Cruise
Was and IS one of the foremention women ( I know that sign on anywhere) MLT

You are truly a Royal Advicer.... keep up your most excellent

You are moving into most excellent journey ......cruising!!!

Did the Ladies put their socks on yet!

Sir Duke
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