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Jason K
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Default Would a 26 year old single male have fun on a cruise alone?

Hi Everyone,

I am 26/m, and really want to go on a cruise in the next month. It's my last chance for a long vacation before I start work (I just graduated law school). One of my buddies was going to go with me but he dropped out. I'm kind of shy, and I don't want to end up lonely on one of those huge boats while everyone else is having the time of their lives!

What is the best option for me? There aren't really any singles cruises available in the next month (except for a labor day jewish one, but that's only 4 days--I'd like to do 7 days or so) and anyway I've heard that the age range is a little older on those. Is Carnvial my best bet? Any particular destination that is best for singles?

Thanks so much for any help! Also, if anyone is looking for a crusing buddy in the next month, let me know.

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