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Default Re: Would a 26 year old single male have fun on a cruise alo

Well John, Im sure each cruise is a bit different due to different people booking. We had a small group about 40 people I guess. Ages from 20's and up. I think like minded people just sort of attract other like minded people. I became fast friends with a gal from Canada, one of the guys took my shore excursion cause I posted it on the pre cruise chat line. Over all Ann could update her site and chat features with the help of a good computer programer. The chat line didn't get the traffic I hoped for and it would help to be able to post a photo so you can know who your talking to.

The group was a very nice bunch, you can have 20 year olds who are stick in the muds, so I agree that age really is not as important as getting to know who people are and taking the time to talk to them a bit before we all prejudge. Nice thing is you can switch dinner tables each night and this gives you a chance to mingle. I really didn't do the activities because they were during the day when Im out working on my tan at the pool. If they did the activities on lido deck I would have done them. I quickly adopted the Aft pool in the rear of the ship. This is the Adults only pool,no band but no kids eather. I would tell the others in the group this is where to find me so this became a good place to meet up each day and decide our activities for later. Also you can exchange cabins numbers and call each other.

Ann say's her groups are growing, she has over a hundred people for an upcoming cruise. I haven't tried other companies yet to compare and contrast but I would like to do so. Over all on a cruise you do what you choose to do, hang out with the others or do your own thing. It can be a wild party or a low key relaxing vacation it's up to you. Mine was a bit of both I guess. I think there is no excuse not to have fun cause you have so many choices on what to do and where to go.
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