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Default Re: Would a 26 year old single male have fun on a cruise alo

Showcat, yes try out some of the other companies too. This CFL one I am going on is to Alaska, so I expected it to be a bit less raucus baccas than the Caribean are by reputation the ones out of NYC to Canada. The Carribean ones with Carlson singles cruise did have a lot of activities on the lido deck. The Carlson ones have had many more singles which not to sound completely crass make for a more extensive menu. This CFL to alaska does appear to be older in attitude as well as age but will find out next week. Last Halloween the Carlson one had 600 single people on it! An entire double deck dining room seating with only the singles group! I think they are trying to keep the numbers down to 300........It reminded me of distant years ago, walking into a new high school. It was like one third of the total passengers were in the Group, and not a very "well behaved" group at that.

Yes CFL as far as the message board situation...oh nevermind....because it is certainly more inhibited etc than the Carlson ones. Usually I have about 15 new friends by the time of the cruise just from the message baord..........not ON this cruise lol.

I also on future cruises am going to further explore this "working on my tan" phenomena vicariously via conversation (kind of doubt that is going to be an issue on this alaska cruise). A lot of us born and raised SW people avoid the sun like the plague. While what we call "snowbirds" from the North seem to really glorify in being in the sun. By fifty us southwesterners (especially us of the pre sun screen generation)look like examples of John Waynes old saddlebags just from incidental exposure. STOP DOING THAT TO YOURSELF Show Cat...hahaha.........John from NM

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