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Default Re: Single Males wanting Single Female Roommates

I agree I would have to meet someone face to face and know them for some time, there has to be a big trust between the two. However rare sometimes it does happen and I've seen people on these boards hook up. I would be more inclined if it were a guy I've known for a long time.

Too many men are afraid to room with other men, homophobic I guess. How stupid they will meet women on the ship after all, but don't think it's a big spring break sex fest eather it's not. Just go for the right reasons to have a nice vacations, make friends, get spoiled on a cruise ship, and see new places, not to have to sleep with someone or hook up romantically there are no guarentees but yes it can happen. In my experiance the guys who acted like they were on the prowl ended up with no one.
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