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Default I miss my cruise! ;(

heyy i went on the Carnival Triumph on April 28 .. ( a while ago.. lol) but i just thought id go back on the site to see what was happening lately! wow i was just thinking about the cruise and how much fun i had and all the awesome people i met so i had to go on the board! my family is thinking about goin on another cruise during april vacation.. I'll probably bring my friend Sarah.. im in the 9th grade and shes in the 10. we are both from Boston! well im so jealous of all of you that are going on cruises soon!! i hope i get to go on 1 this year again because they are soooo much fun!!! just make sure u have the time of your life because remember..its only a week long! well im out.. email me or IM me at if you have any questions about the triumph or just wanna talk!
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