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Default Re: voyager kicks ass

Hey katie~
You are one lucky girl let me tell you! I have been on a few cruises in the last 2 years and the Voyager has been my favorite. My number one peice of advice is be outgoing. You will never meet anyone just standing around. I know that the teen get togethers at night sound very corny but they are worth it. Go there and meet everyone the first night. The place is called the Optix. It is a mini like night club for ages 13-18. Once you meet up with people get them to do fun things with you like travel the ship go get somethin to eat. The funnest game to play with a bunch of teens is to play hide and go seek. I know that sounds very childish but it is sooo much fun. When you get to La Ba Dee (or how ever you spell it) it is a lil part of the Island that the cruise line owns. So if you aren't on any excursion plan to meet up with others you have met cause there isnt much to do on the island but walk around *Swim* and eat. Also on that day sport your cutest swimsuit and outfit. Great day to show your stuff to the fellas. When you are in the Optix at night and they are playing music, it'd playing for a reason so dance you heart out trust me no one will think that you are odd they will all wanna meet you cause you seem outgoing. I cant think of everythin at the moment but if you have any questions feel free to ask i garentee that i will be able to answer them!! Take it easy.
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