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Hey! Okay, Formal Nights (there are usually 2....please wear a short or long homecoming/prom dress. There were ppl on my cruise who wore like hawaiian sundresses and sandals....let me tell you it didnt look all that nice. What cruise line are u on...i can tell u which cruise lines are most dressy if you want.

As for the disco...i wore like cute low rise jeans, black pants, capris of any kind. I wore like tube tobs, clubbish clothes (like assorted tanks). I wouldnt wear shorts...no1 really wore that. You could even wear a skirt if u wanted. But for clubbing, im not one to wear like polo shorts and khakis! I wore something nice for dinner, and the changed to go to the club after dinner!

Hope that helps...

P.S. Alot of stuff that you can get at EXPRESS would be perfect for the disco club!
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