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Default Re: Free Cruise???

I used to get phone calls all the time about this. Sounds good doesn't it??
BEWARE! I've heard that while it may be possible, there are always catches to everything, what's more is that usually there are of course black out dates and other dates in which you can not go. Also you have only a certain amt. of time to take the trip--usually a year or less. You have to request in writing via their form etc. for the dates you want to go--then they counter offer other dates if those dates you requested aren't available--usually they aren't --then you have to keep playing the game and by the time it all works out you're over your year and it's no good any more. Also it doesn't usually include port fees, taxes etc. etc. and by the time it's all said and done you end up paying what you would normally--this is just what i've heard. i've always just said no-thankyou! or thorwn the stuff away.

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